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This form allows you to request a medical opinion on a spot or mole of concern by submitting a photograph to an accredited skin cancer doctor.

In most cases, the opinion will be provided within two working days after we receive payment for the consultation.

To use this form, you must agree to all the following conditions. Please check the boxes below to indicate that you understand and agree to all conditions of use.

Conditions of use
If you submit a poor quality photo (e.g. out of focus, inadequately magnified or taken from a distance), the doctor may not be able to provide a diagnosis or management plan.
This consultation is not covered by Medicare. There is a fee of $40 for the first spot and $20 for each subsequent one. We will contact you by phone to arrange payment by credit card. The fee must be paid before the doctor provides an opinion or advice about your spot or mole.
You must agree to all the conditions to be able to use this service.

If you do not agree to these conditions, you can still request a consultation by using the MoleScope app and submitting a spot of concern to Dr Chris Miller, Spot Check Clinic, Melbourne. For more information, see molescope.com
Have you previously attended or had an online consultation from Spot Check Clinic?

As a prior patient of Spot Check Clinic, you already have a record in MoleScope, the online skin imaging platform. Any photos and pathology results from your previous consultations at Spot Check Clinic are already stored in MoleScope. You can access this record by using the MoleScope app or on the web at molescope.com.

Photos you submit today will be entered into your existing Molescope record. If you prefer, instead of continuing with this form, you can use the MoleScope app on your phone to take photos and send them to us for an opinion by clicking on the cloud icon at the bottom of the screen.

Using the MoleScope app saves time, as it sends a spot directly to the doctor without the intermediate step of our receptionist having to contact you to arrange payment. This works best if you only want the doctor's opinion a single spot, since the MoleScope app can only process one spot at a time. If you have more than one, we recommend that you continue completing this form.

More information about submitting photos using the MoleScope app...

Once you have completed the details on this form, we will set up a record for you in the MoleScope cloud-based medical record. Your photos will be stored in this record together with information about your spot or mole.

You will be able to add further photos in future and you can share your record with skin cancer clinics that use this system.

Health Records Act 2001: Consent to collection of information

This form collects personal and health related information about you. By continuing to access this form, you give consent to Spot Check Clinic to collect this information. Please see our terms of service for more details on what information we collect and how it is managed.

Collection of personal and health information

This form collects information about your skin lesion and risk factors for skin cancer. It helps us formulate an opinion and recommend a management plan for your spot or mole.

Information is stored in compliance with Australian health privacy legislation, i.e. encrypted and on servers in Australia. Medical records are available to Spot Check Clinic staff. Your clinical photographs and pathology results are also available to you via the DermEngine system.

Sometimes we need to share information with other health professionals and organisations, e.g. hospital clinics or medical specialists, your insurance company (at your request), or if required by law. On your written request, we can provide you with your medical information or forward it to another party.

Information may be used for professional development or research purposes within Spot Check Clinic. Where possible, we remove identifying information.

If you don’t provide accurate or complete information, it affects our ability to find and treat skin cancer and other conditions. Spot Check Clinic’s full privacy policy is available at https://spotcheck.clinic/privacy